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If you are faced with the prospect of an unemployment administrative hearing, you have likely been told that you do not need a lawyer to represent you. Legally speaking, this is true. However, practically speaking, you do need a lawyer. There are specific rules and statutory steps that must be followed, and knowing how to properly present your case is essential in achieving a successful outcome.

At the Law Office of Kenneth P. Carp, we have handled thousands of employment law cases. We focus on being a strategic partner for our clients in these matters, providing employees and employers with skilled representation focused on meeting their goals while controlling costs.


Some unemployment administrative hearings are straightforward in nature. However, appearing without an attorney can place you at an unnecessary disadvantage. While human resources departments, employers and employees may know many aspects of the issues and statutory requirements that drive these matters, some lack understanding of the procedural and evidentiary rules as well as how prior cases have been ruled upon, which can turn a winning case into a losing case. There is a difference between a good reason for a termination and a reason which results in the denial of unemployment benefits.

Our founder, attorney Kenneth Carp, is uniquely qualified to handle these cases for all parties and understands how to focus a hearing presentation to achieve the best possible outcome.

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We can help any client – individual or corporation – meet the required burdens to protect their rights in unemployment administrative hearings. Contact us today to arrange a consultation to discuss your situation with an experienced lawyer.

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