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Wrongful Discharge

Greater St. Louis, Missouri, Attorney – Employment Discharge Claims

In the state of Missouri, the Law Office of Kenneth P. Carp has seen wrongful discharge and retaliatory discharge claims levied against an employer shortly after a claimant has been terminated.

Unemployment Hearings and Claims Against the Employer

Unemployment appeal hearings are conducted under sworn testimony. Often, former employees have attorneys represent them during the unemployment hearings in order to solicit sworn testimony for use in lawsuits against the employer. Unrepresented employers can hurt themselves during these hearings because they are only focused on the unemployment claim and no other potential claims. Kenneth Carp has been hired to represent major national employers to protect an employer’s interests during these hearings as well as with Missouri Court of Appeal Briefs.

St. Louis and Kansas City, Missouri, Discrimination and ADA-Based Claims

We are associated with attorneys in St. Louis and Kansas City, Missouri, who are very experienced in the private sector. These claims can cost a significant amount of money to prosecute or defend and are not easy to prove.

Sexual Harassment — St. Louis and Kansas City, Missouri

Sexual harassment claims can be filed after termination or while still employed. These claims are emotionally charged and sensitive, just like the wrongful and retaliatory claims discussed above.

Attorney and HR Referrals

If you have a claim arising out of a discharge or alleged harassment, we at the Law Office of Kenneth P. Carp can help with either the unemployment hearing or the claims itself. Our representation can support you in a cost-effective and professional way. Kenneth Carp is well respected by unemployment appeal referees throughout the state of Missouri and is known by other attorneys as a resource on unemployment compensation issues.

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